Empower Your Voice

Welcome to Riegle Voice Studio – or RVS for short.

RVS is the private voice, acting and self-development studio of professional performer and teacher Kristina Riegle. With the new company structure, comes more energy and time for my students—for you! 

Vocal technique is built upon the foundation of good musicianship skills; detailed attention to how sound is created, shaped, and executed; self-awareness; consistency; and more. Lifelong skills can be discovered through self-creating. Why not encourage the continued development of something that makes one feel good, happy, light, confident, focused, expressive, and creative? 

Riegle Voice Studio extends students of all ages, races, ethnicities, genders, religions, and identities the equal opportunity for long-lasting growth, both musically and personally. 

RVS offers a range of vocal exploration opportunities, from tuition programs, to customized packages, to drop-in lessons. Schedule a session to best help you along your vocal journey. You are encouraged to develop a fluency in music theory; explore your vocal/dramatic range and capabilities; practice specificity in language and diction; explore a variety of styles and trends in vocal music; enhance motor skills; and engage in cognitive, visual, and kinesthetic learning. Embrace your unique abilities and actively expand your capabilities. Empower yourself so your authentic voice can be heard. 

Whatever your vocal path may be—singer, actor, songwriter, public speaker, teacher, producer—let RVS guide you to releasing and empowering your voice in a healthy and sustainable way. With over 20 years experience as a professional performer, 15+ years teaching voice, acting, and communication techniques, I am here to set you on your path toward your goals. Numerous hours of additional training in functional vocal pedagogy, pediatric vocal pedagogy, Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) pedagogy, Trans-gender transitions, Alexander Technique, Linklater Voice, and many other supporting and interwoven techniques are all available to my students.


With knowledge comes power. 

Empower your voice!

—Kristina Riegle, Owner | Riegle Voice Studio

How can RVS help me achieve my vocal goals?

Let's Chat: Free Consultation

Let’s talk about your needs, and what Riegle Voice Studio (RVS) can offer in a complimentary 15-minute phone call. If we’re a fit, RVS can recommend or create a customized package to help you achieve your vocal goals.  


Below are some of our current offerings. We can discuss them in more detail during our phone call:

  • Empower: Let's Sing! Tuition Program (9/8/2020–5/28/2021)

  • Virtual Voice Drop-in Lessons

  • Auditions: College Bound Package

  • Confidence in Communication Package (geared towards public speakers, transgendered speakers and singers, and anyone else who desires more support and confidence when using their voice)

To set up your consultation, follow this link to the RVS Artists page and login or sign-up!


Speak soon.

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